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Wine Serving Tips

Let us help take the mystery out of wine serving etiquette. Check out the tips below to feel like a true expert at your next gathering.

How to Open a Wine Bottle

Join Host Kay Malaske in this Quick Tutorial

Ever wondered if there's a 'right' way to open a bottle of wine with a corkscrew? Kay breaks down the basics to make you look like an expert every time!

How to Store Your Wine

  • Storing below 70° F (21°C) and within the range of 45° – 65° F (8° – 18° C) is a desirable temperature for storing wine. Try to keep storage consistent and avoid drastic changes in storing temperatures which could alter the quality, aging, and flavors.
  • Keep wine in a darker area and avoid direct sunlight, fluorescent bulbs, and UV light to improve temperature regulation and preserve the quality.
  • Traditionally, it is best to store bottles on their sides to keep the cork from drying. 

5 Wine Rules to Break

Set the tone for a new wine era free of old assumptions and arbitrary rules.

  • Rule: Sparkling wine is only for special occasions. Make every day special, and there will always be a time to celebrate with the effervescence of sparkling wine. Bubbles are for more than just special occasions. While the winemaking process is layered and complex, pairing sparkling wine with food is relatively simple. Its lack of tannins and high acidity make it perennially perfect for a pre-meal palate cleanser or to accompany almost any cuisine, appetizer, and main course! (Read More)

Party Planning Hints

  • Chill all white wines in the refrigerator the night before your event and open one of each to begin the evening
  • Use a decanter for your red wines before your guests arrive (so that you can spend more time mingling!)
    • Allow red wine to air:
      • Light-bodied: 20-30 minutes
      • Medium-bodied: 20 minutes to 1 hour
      • Full-bodied: 1-2 hours
    • Enjoy drinking your wine in its most flavorful, aromatic state.

    Serving Large Bottles

    Open a large format wine (1.5L, 3.0L, 6.0L, etc.) to add an elegant touch to your next dinner party. Set large format bottles upright a day in advance to let the sediment fall to the bottom of the bottle. Use a decanter for your large format wines and open the bottles before your guests are due to arrive.

    How Many Bottles Do You Need?

    A standard bottle of wine (750 ml) holds five 5 oz. glasses of wine. Generally, this will serve between 2-4 people. A Magnum bottle also known as 1.5L is equal to two standard bottles of wine, and will serve 4-5 people. Each bottle doubles in size from there - a 3.0L, which is also known as a Jeroboam or Double Magnum will serve 6-8 people and a 6.0L or Imperial, will serve 12-16 people.

    Bottle Icon

    Standard Bottle


    Standard Bottle equals five 5oz glasses

    5 - 5oz Glasses

    Serves 2 - 4 people

    Serves 2-4

    Magnum - 1.5L


    1.5 Liters

    Magnum equals 2 standard bottles

    2 Standard Bottles

    Magnum Serves 4 - 5 People

    Serves 4-5

     Double Magnum or Jeroboam equals 3L

    Double Magnum or Jeroboam

    3 Liters

     Double Magnum or Jeroboam equals 4 standard bottles

    4 Standard Bottles

     Double Magnum or Jeroboam serves 6 - 8

    Serves 6-8

    Imperial equals 6L


    6 Liters

    Imperial equals 8 standard bottles

    8 Standard Bottles

    Imperial serves 12-16

    Serves 12-16